Farewell programme at Golden Future Academy
February 27, 2017 मा प्रकाशित

Anish Sharma Gaire, Gulmi Feb 26.
Class 9 Students of Golden Future Academy Wami Gulmi said bye bye to their elder class 10 students on Sunday.
Class 9 students made that programme regarding the coming SEC examination to greet for their success in exam.
The programme was completed on the presidentship of class nine student Sanu Sapkota, and Mahesh GC, Management committee chairperson was the chief guest.

While assistance chairperson Sudarshan Shakya, Treasurer GopiKrishna Kharel, Teacher Chandra Rai, Social service providers Dinesh Khati, Bhuwan KC, Kalpana Ghimire, Prakash Kafle, Tejendra GC, Churamani Sapkota and camera person Sanjeeb Kakshapati, were present there.

There, Teacher Durga Sapkota, Chief Guest Mahesh GC, Guests Sudarshan Shakya, GopiKrishna Kharel, Social service providers Bhuwan KC, Kalpana Ghimire, Prakash Kafle, Tejendra GC, had given farewell speech and suggested the students to read properly and get best result.Meanwhile, class 9 student Sujana Kafle had given farewell and class 10 student Sushma Kandel had given thanking speech.The programme was hosted by class 9 student Janaki Sapkota.